Project narrative: Constructing the Logical Framework matrix

Once the analytical structure of objectives has been completed, you will now construct the logical framework matrix (LFA).

The LFM is composed of a series of columns and rows, and the first step in its construction is the project narrative. It is today’s topic for business management.

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What is the project narrative?

The project narrative is a column of the logical framework matrix in which you detail the goa, purpose, outputs and activities of the project.

To do this we need to have knowledge of the project, but at this point it should not be a problem, because with the previous steps we should be clear about the relationship between these 4 aspects.

How to make the objectives project narrative?

The project narrative comes from the analytical project structure. In it, we outline the project through the definition of the 4 aspects that we are going to remember.

Goal of the project

It is the contribution that is achieved by having the project completed. The impact is not achieved just by having the project completed, it is achieved by delivering, implementing and using the components.

For example, we will not be able to improve the quality of life of young people in the green neighborhood sector with a project that includes the construction of a center for young people in vulnerable situations.

We will achieve it when, in addition to building the center, we implement an educational program for that center that will change the lives of the young people who live there.

Will the implementation of an educational program in the built center alone improve the quality of life of the young people? Definitely not. But we will contribute to reduce delinquency, which will subsequently improve their quality of life.

That is why the end of the project is not an effect, it is an impact. The effect would be the immediate or short-term consequence of an action. In this case, when it occurs in the medium or long term, it is an impact.

Purpose of the project

It is the result of having the project executed, and that is what allows us to have the goal of the project.

In the logical framework matrix, we only locate one purpose; and in theory, this should be achieved when the project outputs are delivered and used.

Continuing with the example of juvenile delinquency, the purpose would be “to build a center for youth in vulnerable situations.

But it could also be “to reduce juvenile delinquency in the green neighborhood sector,” which would imply that the construction of the youth center would be a component.

Project outputs

These are the goods, products or services delivered by the project to achieve the purpose.

If our purpose is to build a center for youth in vulnerable situations, some components could be:

  • Diagnose the situation of vulnerability of the population of the Green neighborhood that is between 13 and 18 years of age.
  • Build a youth development center in the Green neighborhood.
  • Design and implement a youth development program on the educational, labor and psychological aspects.

Project activities

It is what we have to do to deliver an output or product of the project.

For example to diagnose the current situation of the population it would be necessary to:

  • Determine the size of the population that is between 13 and 18 years of age.
  • Determine the perspective that the youth population under study has on education and work.

With everything clear, evaluate the narrative. Ask yourself the following questions

Answer YES or NO to the following questions:

  • Will having all the activities completed allow you to deliver the project outputs? Are you missing anything?
  • Will having the project outputs completed allow you to achieve the purpose?
  • Is each output necessary to achieve the purpose? If any output were missing, would the purpose be fulfilled?
  • Is the purpose related to the achievement of the goal? Does having the project completed contribute to the achievement of the goal?
  • Does the goal contribute to the solution of the problem situation addressed by the project?

Having a positive answer to all questions indicates consistency in the project’s narrative and takes you to the next step of the logical framework methodology: the project’s indicators.

Example of narrative

Following the example of complaints and claims in Colusa INC, this is the project narrative. We are preparing to elaborate the project indicators.

example of project narrative

But how will you know to what extent you have achieved your objectives? The answer is in the next step.

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