Sources or means of verification in the Logframe matrix

Next installment in the logical framework methodology. Having just selected the indicators, the next step, referring to the third column of the LFA matrix, is to determine where and how we will obtain the data and information.

I am talking about the means of verification. This is today’s topic in Ingenio Empresa.

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Sources or means of verification in a project: Defining them from the logical framework methodology.

With the means of verification we evaluate and monitor the indicators, which allows us to supervise and evaluate the project.

How do we achieve this? By defining each indicator on the following 5 aspects:

  • Source of information: where the information for the indicator comes from. For example statistics, minutes, studies, project files, etc. We must consider the reliability of this information.
  • Collection method: How the information for the indicator is obtained. For example surveys, focus groups, sampling, etc. Also its form of presentation or disaggregation.
  • Responsible for collection: Who collects, analyzes and disseminates the information for the indicator. If it is a third party, it should be considered the most suitable to do so.
  • Method of analysis: The way in which the information is processed to generate the indicator. For example, a statistical analysis, a simple mathematical operation such as addition or counting or comparison of data.
  • Frequency: When the information is needed: how often, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.

Among other aspects, the application of the information (purpose and use of the info), the dissemination format (how it is communicated) and circulation (to whom it is distributed) can be considered. These aspects take relevance in state projects, however in the example we have been handling with the matrix they represent little importance, so we will not delve further into them.

It is important to keep in mind that:

As with the indicators, choose practical and economical means.

It is not enough to indicate the source of the information. When you choose a medium, be specific. For example, stating that your means of verification is the national statistics department leaves many questions open. Is the information up to date? Is it accessible? Is it updated at the required intervals?

When there is no information available for the indicator, we must consider a new activity (or component) that consists of collecting the information. This changes the narrative summary and the indicators.

How to specify the sources or means of verification in a project

Step 1: Draw up a table with the project indicators by component in one column. In the following columns we place the 5 aspects on which each means of verification will be evaluated.

Step 2: We specify each means of verification based on the 5 aspects mentioned above.

Step 3: Place the means of verification in the logical framework matrix.

Example of means of verification in the Logical Framework Matrix

In step 1 we place the indicators next to the 5 aspects mentioned above with which we will define the sources or means of verification of the project.

In step 2 we have the aspects specified by indicator for the generation of the verification means. Click on the image to enlarge.

Example of identification of means of verification

Finally, in step 3 we formulate the source or means of verification. If you see it small, click on the image to enlarge.

example of means of verification in logframe matrix

What is missing now? The logical framework assumptions of the logical framework matrix.

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